{Morning thoughts}

If only our lives could be one long movie, possibly editing out the moments we don’t quite want to remember, yet giving us the opportunity to relive and remember the ones that happen in an instant, turning our world around, even just for a moment.

This morning insomnia hit and I was awake from 1 until 4, giving me time to catch up on a few missed events and answer a few email and messages. I finally got back to sleep around 4:30 hoping that (Alex) wake up would be later rather than sooner…

I awoke to the sound of quiet footsteps entering my room not knowing what time it was, they stopped; trying to open my eyes I followed the noise around me and the little person was now making his way around my big bed and over to me. Still turned to the opposite side, I could feel him getting closer and now climbing his way over all the pillows to get to me and reaching over, he gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek, my heart melted. As if this wasn’t enough he then slowly pulled the covers down, trying to find bump, and as I gently rolled towards him he gave another kiss to baby.

I’ve always known Alex to be a kind hearted little boy, but he’s also just that, a two year old boy with energy to spare and two big sisters to keep up with, so quiet moments like today are rare and ones I want to remember.

Early morning thoughts I just had to put into writing xx


  • Lovely morning post Anya, Amali used to do that to me in the mornings come in and lift the sheets up to kiss baby belly. He’s just too cute!

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