August12, 2015

beautiful boy

This is just the very beginning of the story of when I met Baby August…so much more to come. 212-newbornphotographer 213-newbornphotographer 214-newbornphotographer 215-newbornphotographer 216-newbornphotographer 217-newbornphotographer 218-newbornphotographer 219-newbornphotographer 220-newbornphotographer 221-newbornphotographer 222-newbornphotographer 223-newbornphotographer 224-newbornphotographer 225-newbornphotographer 226-newbornphotographer 227-newbornphotographer 228-newbornphotographer 229-newbornphotographer 230-newbornphotographer 231-newbornphotographer 232-newbornphotographer 233-newbornphotographer 234-newbornphotographer 235-newbornphotographer 236-newbornphotographer 237-newbornphotographer 238-newbornphotographer

August8, 2015

The Baby Summit

One week post conference and I have yet to find the right words to describe what an incredible weekend it was. The passion I feel on a daily basis for my work, my clients and this industry, was a small drop in the ocean, when the waves of 300+ other passionate photographers hit, whilst all present in the same room. The dedication and hard work that Kelly Brown, her husband Rob and Garrett Hollis put into the organisation of this weekend, are second to none. The reason why they did this, is even greater.

I can’t thank them enough for giving me the privilege to share my own journey and vision. A task completely out of my comfort zone (which is behind the camera)  but a step I needed to make for this incredible opportunity, leaving me with the feeling that I have so much more to share! To the amazing support team who were there every step of the way and each and every person that I was able to cross paths with during these three intense days, thank you. A big warm hug to those who stopped to say hi, sent me messages and simply went out of their way to make contact with me. Your smiles, your words and your own passions helped and inspired me.


A very special thank you to one incredible human and friend, Kristen for too many reasons to list here. And to the girl who woke up at 4, just for my impromptu sunrise session with her precious Beau. Photography has given me so much in these years, but nothing will ever compare to the people it has brought into my life.

193-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 194-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 195-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 196-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 197-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 198-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 199-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 200-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 201-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 202-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 203-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 204-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 205-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 206-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 207-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 208-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 209-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 210-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer 211-sunshinecoastbabyphotographer

  1. These are amazing anya !!! feeling so very blessed for these moments 🙂

July27, 2015

a start

I could start the sentence by writing these last three months, but truth be told it’s been the last few years. Life has gotten busier, work has along with it and not always am I able to share or even put into words the amazing, my job has brought me. The beautiful people who not only allow me to be a part of their lives, but ask me to capture it; the photographers who trust me to help them along their own journeys and my family who supports me every step of the way. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel completely and utterly humbled to do what I do and I only hope that the happy shared me with, will go back ten fold to my families over the years, whilst looking back at the memories captured.

I have a lot of catching up to do, so here’s a start….

133-anyamariaphotography 134-anyamariaphotography 135-anyamariaphotography 136-anyamariaphotography 137-anyamariaphotography 138-anyamariaphotography 139-anyamariaphotography 140-anyamariaphotography 141-anyamariaphotography 142-anyamariaphotography 143-anyamariaphotography 144-anyamariaphotography 145-anyamariaphotography 146-anyamariaphotography 147-anyamariaphotography 148-anyamariaphotography 149-anyamariaphotography 150-anyamariaphotography 151-anyamariaphotography 152-anyamariaphotography 153-anyamariaphotography 154-anyamariaphotography 155-anyamariaphotography 156-anyamariaphotography 157-anyamariaphotography 158-anyamariaphotography 159-anyamariaphotography 160-anyamariaphotography 161-anyamariaphotography 162-anyamariaphotography 163-anyamariaphotography 164-anyamariaphotography 165-anyamariaphotography 166-anyamariaphotography 167-anyamariaphotography 168-anyamariaphotography 169-anyamariaphotography 170-anyamariaphotography 171-anyamariaphotography 172-anyamariaphotography 173-anyamariaphotography 174-anyamariaphotography 175-anyamariaphotography 176-anyamariaphotography 177-anyamariaphotography 178-anyamariaphotography 179-anyamariaphotography 180-anyamariaphotography 181-anyamariaphotography 182-anyamariaphotography 183-anyamariaphotography 184-anyamariaphotography 185-anyamariaphotography 186-anyamariaphotography 187-anyamariaphotography 188-anyamariaphotography 189-anyamariaphotography 190-anyamariaphotography 191-anyamariaphotography 192-anyamariaphotography 193-anyamariaphotography 194-anyamariaphotography 195-anyamariaphotography 196-anyamariaphotography 197-anyamariaphotography 198-anyamariaphotography 199-anyamariaphotography 200-anyamariaphotography 201-anyamariaphotography 202-anyamariaphotography 203-anyamariaphotography 204-anyamariaphotography 205-anyamariaphotography 206-anyamariaphotography 207-anyamariaphotography 208-anyamariaphotography 209-anyamariaphotography 210-anyamariaphotography 211-anyamariaphotography 212-anyamariaphotography 213-anyamariaphotography 214-anyamariaphotography 215-anyamariaphotography 216-anyamariaphotography 217-anyamariaphotography 218-anyamariaphotography 219-anyamariaphotography 220-anyamariaphotography 221-anyamariaphotography 222-anyamariaphotography 223-anyamariaphotography 224-anyamariaphotography 225-anyamariaphotography 226-anyamariaphotography 227-anyamariaphotography 228-anyamariaphotography 229-anyamariaphotography 230-anyamariaphotography 231-anyamariaphotography 232-anyamariaphotography 233-anyamariaphotography 234-anyamariaphotography 235-anyamariaphotography 236-anyamariaphotography 237-anyamariaphotography 238-anyamariaphotography 239-anyamariaphotography 240-anyamariaphotography 241-anyamariaphotography 242-anyamariaphotography 243-anyamariaphotography 244-anyamariaphotography 245-anyamariaphotography 246-anyamariaphotography 247-anyamariaphotography 248-anyamariaphotography 249-anyamariaphotography 250-anyamariaphotography 251-anyamariaphotography 252-anyamariaphotography 253-anyamariaphotography 254-anyamariaphotography 255-anyamariaphotography 256-anyamariaphotography 257-anyamariaphotography 258-anyamariaphotography 259-anyamariaphotography 260-anyamariaphotography 261-anyamariaphotography 262-anyamariaphotography 263-anyamariaphotography 264-anyamariaphotography 265-anyamariaphotography 266-anyamariaphotography 267-anyamariaphotography 268-anyamariaphotography 269-anyamariaphotography 270-anyamariaphotography 271-anyamariaphotography 272-anyamariaphotography 273-anyamariaphotography 274-anyamariaphotography

  1. Abs. Stunning Anya….I never get tired of seeing your work. Amazing memories for all these familes….

  2. As always just the most beautiful photos. I am in awe of your work and the way you capture such breathtaking moments. Just so precious.

  3. Anya tienes un don. Un don para la fotografía. Un don para capturar el mejor ángulo en el mejor momento. Tienes un don.