September8, 2015


It’s been one of those weeks (yes it’s only Tuesday) when life drowns you in so much doubt and so many why’s. Sadness, uncertainty, loss, which come and go like waves, slowly washing away at the experience and knowledge you thought you had. Only to find yourself once again bare and needing to redirect your thoughts and find a new path, answers to your questions.

Immersing myself in the love and happiness that gets shared with me is my escape. My happy.

The short version of the adventure behind this session, is that I got on the wrong train bound for destination Cambridge, you know the one that stops at EVERY stop on the way there, meaning I was going to get there late. With the rising doubt and wanting to make amends, I somehow thought getting off the train and catching a taxi was a better option…boy was I wrong! So back on yet another train I went (still not the direct one) and finally made it to Francesca and her family, with much tardiness and with little time and light left.

But it was enough and THIS, is the biggest lesson I have made myself learn over the last few years in growing my business and in life. Any situation, subject, location, weather, moment and more, needs to be made the most of. Whether you’re given 5 minutes or 50.

I loved meeting Francesca and even more, the images we got to create together. My biggest regret for this day, was not getting on the wrong train, not leaving home at 3pm and returning at 12am, nor was it the small window I was left with to capture her family. It was not getting to spend more time with them to simply BE with them, human to human and not lady with a camera.

Thankfully, I believe we will meet again and next time have the chance to chat true Italian mamma style!

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  1. Anya you are inspirational… your images are so moving! This is family.. this is love.. this is fun.. this is art! Amazing work yet again!

  2. Beautiful,bautiful,bautiful. You are so inspiring Anya. Beautiful words and beautiful photos…..

  3. Absolutely beautiful…incredible images, stunning family, gorgeous light and location. Wow Anya. Just wow!

  4. Anya, these are so beautiful <3 <3

September7, 2015


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September1, 2015


“Every sunrise is an invitation to brighten someones day”.
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