January28, 2014

Mark & Lu

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  1. Absolutely speechless. These photos are amazing and bride and groom look so beautiful that seeing the photos almost brought tears to my eyes. The photos tell a story of love. Xo

  2. Oh boy, you’re good!!

  3. Wow, how beautiful :)

January21, 2014

Baby Boy


she loved


little boy

very, very, much

~even more


she loved


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  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  2. A moment in time we will never get back…. Our precious boy 5 days new and captured perfectly with Anya’s snap! LOVE! X

December10, 2013

The teenage years

Like with every occasion that I get to photograph another photographers family, I get a little nervous and hope to simply do a good job and do their family justice (as with all my sessions). This was the case with Michelle’s family, even more so, as her wonderful children are teenagers; an age I have absolutely no experience with, if not because I was once a teenager myself. In all honesty, not one I would have wanted to deal with!

I’ve been so used to just making a fool of myself behind the camera, peek-a-booing, making funny noises and acting like so much of a child myself, the adult world was and is still unknown to me!

Lucky for me I must have met the most wonderful group of teenage siblings ever, not afraid to sit next to each other, to share a laugh and even a hug! It was a beautiful start to a day and another experience from which to grow, both as a photographer and a mother. Thank you Michelle for allowing me to spend time with you and your special ones xx

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  1. Anya, you have such a gift! They are simply amazing and I will always treasure them. Thank you for these special family moments xoxo

  2. Ah so gorgeous Anya!!

  3. Tra tante tue bellissime sessioni questa è una delle più ricche e complete..arriva tutto il calore della Famiglia! ..senza nulla lasciato mai al caso…

  4. fantastica come sempre!!
    ti adoro!! ♥