December3, 2013

12 days of Noah

I will always remember the moment I received my sisters text message at 5 in the morning “Skype?”, thinking after 8 years did she not yet know the time difference between London and Australia?! Even though I’m awake more often than not every day at 5, skyping wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do, but after she told me I wouldn’t want to miss this, the voice inside me knew, yet another voice was telling me “no way, there’s 3 weeks left and baby is meant to wait for us to get there!”.

So skype we do and just like Will and Kate outside the London hospital, I was presented with a similar scene, my sister and her husband sitting at the table, dressed casually for some usual activity…with a baby in arms! After a very quick first labour and a trip to the hospital early in the morning, here they were, that same night at home, as a family of three. IMG_4998

No warning whatsoever that I would become an aunty that day, I was in shock and my first reaction, my instinct and I were saying “Nooooo”. I guess you could say the photographer in me wanted to try and meet my nephew as fresh as possible…but my heart was bursting with happiness and love. SO much so that I happened to announce his arrival before his mum and dad got a chance to online!


So nearly 3 weeks early on the 23rd of September baby Noah came into the world and into our lives. My sister became a wonderful, loving and nurturing mother, Justin the doting dad, my mum a grandmother for the fifth time and I a very proud aunty who could not wait to meet this little man. So here’s some favourites from our visit to London to meet little Noah. I wanted to capture those first weeks that are a blur, the tiny new person (that decided to put on 1.2kg in his first month), all the little in between moments of getting to know this new human being (along with his buddy Luigi the cat!)…but I also wanted to be a part of getting to know Noah and found myself without camera in hand often. One image I did forget to capture, was one of myself with him, lucky they’ll be visiting soon and I get to make up for it!  londonnewbornphotographercomp001 londonnewbornphotographercomp002 londonnewbornphotographercomp003 londonnewbornphotographercomp004 londonnewbornphotographercomp005 londonnewbornphotographercomp006 londonnewbornphotographercomp007 londonnewbornphotographercomp008 londonnewbornphotographercomp009 londonnewbornphotographercomp010 londonnewbornphotographercomp011 londonnewbornphotographercomp012 londonnewbornphotographercomp013

  1. Wow Anya, what a beautiful journey x

  2. Wow, just stunning, stunning natural newborn family gorgeousness x

  3. Absolutely delightful! What a beautiful baby and collection of images. I just love your work Anya but this takes the cake! LOVE it :)

  4. I just can’t stop looking at these images. They are so beautiful and peaceful and wonderful. I think I would burst into tears if I had pictures like this of my small family.
    Such a brilliant job! I am sure your sister (and her husband) will treasure these always!

November7, 2013

Loved before we knew you

First we had each other.

Then we had you.

Now we have everything.

Congratulations Sarah and Neil on the arrival of your most precious bundle, I just can’t wait to meet him xx
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  1. Absolutely amazing pictures!!!!
    Cant wait to see the ones of little Hudson xx

November2, 2013

The 6 wonders of their world

I truly believe people come in and out of our lives for a reason, meant to be. Reasons that may be unknown to us at the time and a discovery we make when needed. This wonderful family of six, such an uncanny resemblance to my own, is one of those discoveries. They are a glimpse of my future, a hope for my reality and a true reflection of  love, commitment and values, that I wish for my own family.

I first photographed Sarah’s (an amazing Melbourne photographer herself) last year during their visit to Noosa and there’s nothing I love more than getting to capture people again. Capturing their growth, the significant changes that take place in a year and the opportunity to get the know each one of these souls a little more.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better” – Ralph Waldo Emerson -

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  1. Oh my goodness…these are just perfect. What a beautiful family Sarah…and gorgeous photos Anya xxx

  2. What an incredibly beautiful record of a happy afternoon at the beach. LOVE them!

  3. Oh my! Such a beautiful, meaningful session. I can see so many emotions in these images, each one a real capture of a real family. What a beautiful gallery! I personally love the further away b&w shot of the whole family on the rocks. Great work! Love your family, Sarah!

  4. such beautiful memories….what an amazing session!!!