June6, 2014

You are my Sunshine

  1. from Spain, congratulations for your wonderful pictures.
    it’s a pity that you don’t live in Valencia.

  2. A blessing! A small life had started to blossom…. and magic was captured!!

    Anya we cannot thank you enough for capturing our journey! The images taken so far are beyond special and will be looked upon time and time again. Your work is incredible!! So happy to have a piece of Anya in our home, so very touched and the gratitude is endless! Sarah, Neil and Hudson Finn X X X

April30, 2014

Amazing April

Human connection. The need to feel loved and the want to love others, is what’s within each of us.  Real life and real moments is what I see.

The strongest love a mother has for her children. The joy of splashing in the water for a child. The laughter a couple find under the rain on their wedding day. The tired face who doesn’t want to smile for the camera anymore.  The shy couple who during a family session find themselves embraced and full of giggles. The stolen glances I’m blessed to witness. The grandparents who are usually cheekier than the kids. The peeling skin of the newest of humans. The big sister always looking out for the little ones. The magic of a childs’ first kiss. The floating memory of those not with us anymore. The small details which make each one of us so unique, yet equally beautiful. The puppy’s always wanting a part of the action. The excitement in discovering a new place. The special moment the sun rises to give light to a new day. The tantrums, the laughter, the tears, the love and cuddles.

Your simple day to day and my source of inspiration. Thank you xx

  1. Could not look at these and not leave a comment to say just how amazing they are!

  2. Wow, wonderful sunshine and photos <3

  3. Utterly incredible., and every other superlative I can think of. Love.

  4. Simply beautiful. Abs. love all of these memories you have created….

April2, 2014

Another step

Their first year of life, I couldn’t think of a  journey more special than this one, to share with this family.

  1. Oh my goodness, that is one of the sweetest little babies I’ve ever seen!!!

  2. Anya, this first year journey is amazing. I love how much you have captured all the smiles, play and curiosity I love about him at 10 months xx